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Monday, July 12th, 2004
12:15 am
this is the last time i will update this journal. i had a good run with it, but i felt that it was time for a change. my new journal is _metropolis_ so please add that name and read that journal from now on. i will be keep this journal up as some sort of archive and it will be linked on my newer lj. hooray. goodybe old friend :)

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Friday, July 9th, 2004
3:21 pm
the next time someone explodes on how the republicans are the "corporate" or "elite" party i am going to cringe again.


$25,000 a ticket? the bush fundraiser in indianapolis in 2000 was 600 dollars a ticket.

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
2:40 pm
well i am in the process of making a new livejournal. i've had this one for two years and i thought that with me going to college and all it wouldn't be that bad of a time to start a new journal for a new chapter in my life..or something like that. anyway i am probably going to keep updating this one for a couple of weeks or so but i am going to go ahead and tell you that my new livejournal username is _metropolis_ so you might as well go ahead and add it and i'll start updating on that one relatively soon. until then this one will continue to be updated. hooray.

current mood: content

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12:10 am
i am trying to make a mix cd..tell me your favorite songs and i'll put them on.i need suggestions.

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Monday, July 5th, 2004
9:19 pm - hot shit

i am definately buying this shirt

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2:49 pm
10 bands I've been listening to a lot lately
1. orgy
2. older weezer
3. silverchair
4. tupac
5. simplekill
6. the offspring
7. bob marley
8. coldplay
9. the bloodhound gang
10. the beastie boys

9 things I look forward to
1. college
2. sleeping
3. new cds coming out
4. new movies coming out
5. going to europe
6. blowing my parent's hard earned money on shit i don't need
7. find a cool girlfriend
8. watching tv with my dad
9. hannity and colmes

8 things I like to wear
1. polo shirts
2. cargo khaki shorts
3. my dad's gw hat
4. bob marley shirts
5. my comfortable reeboks
6. my bling bling suit with my crazy purple dress shirt and purple tie
7. faded jeans
8. stupid urban outfitters shirts

7 things that annoy me
1. close minded liberals
2. close minded conservatives
3. people that always vote straight ticket
4. people that don't know anything about politics
5. people that don't think you should be allowed to smoke in bars
6. people that like the fact the drinking age is 21
7. when my nose itches

6 Things I love
1. reading
2. sleeping
3. my dog
4. the news
5. my goofy ass parents
6. going to the movies with my grandparents because i'm too cool to be embarassed

5 Things I do everyday
1. wack off (hahaha)
2. watch the news
3. sleep
4. read something
5. laugh at how dumb a lot of people are

1. How many people are on your Friends List? i dont' know
2. How many people on your Friends List do you actually know? i don't know
3. How many do you hang out with on a regular basis? eh 5?
4. Have you ever dated anyone on your list? hmm i don't think so
5. Do you have a crush on anyone on your list? more or less
6. Who are the Top 3 hottest/cutest people on your list? me, me, and nic
7. Who on your list lives the closest to you? well probably nic he lives about 10 minutes away
8. Anyone on your list that you've seen drunk off their ass? sean
9. Who on your list have you known the longest? probably nic
10. Second longest? james or bobby maybe
12. Who was the last person on your list that you met in person? well besides nic who i see all the time noah and those other ci people
13. Are there people on your list that you can't fucking stand, but you have them on there anyways? shit not really
14. Who's the loudest person on your list? your mom in my room. actually keren seems like she would be loud and crazy but i haven't met her in person.
15. The smartest? probably amanda or kyra or maybe nic
16. Who posts the longest journal entries? who knows
17. Who do you wish would post more often than they do? bobby or james i mean what the fuck happened
18. Anybody on your list that you've kissed? off the top of my head no
19. Anybody on your list that you've gone further with? uh go fuck yourself
20. Any final thoughts? this survey is annoying

current mood: content

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Sunday, July 4th, 2004
11:13 pm - A criticism of the President (yes you read correctly)

i was in florida when i found out about the new regulations set concerning cuba and cuban-americans traveling to cuba. basically, cuban-americans can only go to cuba once every three years in order to see their families. they used to be able to go once every 3 years. they can also spend only 50 dollars a day on food and lodging rather than the old 164 dollar mark.

this news was all over florida when i was down there. most cuban-americans were horrified and disgusted by these new policies enacted by the bush administration. i support bush probably on 60-70% of things and will vote for him in november, and i even i think that this is ridiculous. whether one actually supports these measures or not, they have to question why the hell bush would even think of doing such a thing in an election year. he's just alienated a group of voters in florida (cuban-americans) that supported him 4-1 over algore in the 2000 election. and remember, bush only won florida by 537 votes. so, cuban americans definately played a huge part in winning florida for bush. florida is as much (if not more) of a battleground state this year, and winning it is almost crucial for bush if he wants to win the whole election. so what does bush go and do? he pretty much spits in the face of a group that helped him win florida in 2000. this is the result of some extreme anti-castro advisors of bush that have pretty much advised him to commit political suicide.

even though i am far from a supporter of castro, (you know my stances on communism) i think that the cuban embargo should be lifted and we should learn to cooperate with castro. why? first off, the man is in his late seventies and will probably be dead within the next five years or so. he's really not the worst dictator in the world either, as funny as that sounds. sure, he goes crazy every once in awhile and imprisons dissenters, but what he does is a far cry from the acts of hitler, stalin, pol pot, saddam hussein, or kim jong il. sure, i'd prefer another type of government in cuba, but what they have right now isn't the worst thing in the world. the embargo is the most ridiculous thing in the world. first off, it is a unilateral embargo, which means the united states is the only country imposing it. that is pretty much saying "well, you can't go to Marsh, but you can go to Kroger, Publix, or any other grocery store." so the rest of the world is making an alright sum of money off of cuba while the united states is shut off. cuba is a beautiful island and a goldmine for american companies. we need to lift the embargo and start building great american hotels and tourist attractions there. there could be a ton of awesome new beach resorts and all kinds of other things. then we should tell people to travel there and spend all kinds of money, tip the hell out of the bellboys, and everything else.

of course, castro would benefit from this initially. but when cubans start to see what americans have they will go crazy and eventually want to embrace capitalism. when they see how many americans live, they will want to live that way too. they will want a cell phone, a car, a condo, and a nice wardrobe like people do in the great capitalist society that we live in. they'll be tired of the collectivist bullshit that they have to live with now and become tired of castro and just get rid of him.

end of rant.

i am going to lunch with sean tommorow

current mood: frustrated

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1:47 am
the hat that would get me killed in new york cityCollapse )

i am going to bed soon

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12:39 am
hmm i concluded only on one thing tonight.


</center> and that is my tribute to nic

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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
3:47 pm

current mood: bored

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Thursday, July 1st, 2004
12:11 am
well knowing i slept a good majority of the afternoon i am not very tired now so i guess i am going to go off on a couple random things.

evildoers and terrorists beware. my friend alex is in training at vmi and he's one crazy badass.

i think he'll be back in august or something so we can hang out before we go to school. plus he'll be able to visit me from time to time at gwu so its all good.

keren is cool because she is one of the only people besides my ex girlfriend that knew who peter tosh was.

i just felt like saying that.


i am going to relax again tommorow. i am running out of suntan lotion. oh well.

current mood: bored

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Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
9:37 pm - F911
well i just got back from the naples movie theatre, where i saw the new michael moore movie. here are my basic, random thoughts on the movie. since it is summer, i am tired, and the fact that i am not in school, i am not going to write a huge essay about the movie.

1. overall, the movie was well made and a lot of effort was obviously put into it.
2. the whole bin laden family thing omitted a few very important facts.
3. there were a few very obvious instances of racism/bigotry in the movie.
4. the movie showed many brutal aspects of the war in iraq that everyone should see, regardless of your feelings concerning the war.
5. the scenes with the woman breaking down in front of the white house were very moving. i would very much like to have a very long conversation with that woman. i'm sure a lot of people (regardless of political views) also would.
6. i think i was the only conservative in the theatre, which sort of worried me. although the movie didn't change any of my views and wouldn't change the views of any logical conservative, all conservatives still owe it to themselves to see this movie.
7. parts of the movie were very moving, parts of it were very stupid. i could see through a lot of moore's silly arguments and views. however, it is still important for anyone to see the presentation of the views. i will say that the 9/11 thing at the beginning, the woman breaking down in front of the white house, and a lot of the iraqi war footage was very moving and very well done.

overall, i would give F911 a 7/10 and i would reccomend it. there were a lot of annoying moore lemmings in the theatre which sort of detracted from the whole experience. moore's arguments didn't persuade me to change any of my views. keep in mind i maintained a very open mind during the movie. the woman from flint, michigan sticks out to me the most. i would like to talk to her very much about various things.

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12:54 pm
i am seeing F911 tonight. i'll tell you how that went because i am sure a few people in particular will want to know. but for now, i'm hungry.

"We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."- Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

what does that look like to you? to me it looks like...

current mood: anxious

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Monday, June 28th, 2004
6:21 pm
well hi-ho, today was pretty interesting.

i am not sure when i woke up, but i think it was around 10:30 or 11:00. for the summer, that is quite early for me. my mom made some lunch and then we went to the mall in naples for awhile. i bought two new polo ralph lauren shirts, a new tommy shirt, a polo ralph lauren belt, and some nike athletic shorts. i don't really know how much bling i parted with and i really don't care. the stuff down here is sort of more expensive than it is in indianapolis, but i am sure that the stuff in dc will be even more expensive than the stuff down here. i went home after that and read some more of my book and just relaxed. it started raining really hard. the storms here are really crazy and a lot more powerful than the storms in indiana, which is interesting. it is also pretty weird how it can storm and then turn out to be a really nice day. in indiana, it is usually either nice all day or shitty all day.

this new place my grandparents bought down here is pretty sweet. i wish that i could take all of my friends down here and just party for a week, but that will probably never happen. it is a pretty good time down here, except as always there are a ton of old people.

the new jersey nets are so stupid in so many ways. if i were one of their fans i would be pulling my hair out right about now. however they are shopping kerry kittles right now. he is a shooting guard and the pacers badly need a shooting guard, and it would be interesting if we tried to pick him up.


current mood: apathetic

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Sunday, June 27th, 2004
9:47 pm
holy shit. three posts in one day. well when it's nighttime in flo-ri-da and there's really not a hell of a lot to do, the internet is a great thing.

the next book i am going to read is the autobiography of malcolm x. i don't really know why, but i have had the urge to read that lately. oh, and in the speaking of race relations.

the things that people get away with, sheesh.

i've gotten four emails (mr popular i know) about the new bush commercial that shows clips from the moveon.org thing that compares bush to hitler to show how low people (and i'm not even going to call them democrats, moveon.org is a communist group hell-bent on revolution as far as i see it) have gone. there was also a quite nasty livejournal thread that i became involved in concerning the issue. luckily i think that the thread was deleted because the conversation became very hostile. anyway, i read something on one of the many conservative livejournal communities i belong to that goes something like this, and this statement clarifies what i think about the whole situation.

and i quote

When MoveOn equates Bush to Hitler, that is protected free speech. When Bush uses that as an example of the depths to which the Democrats have sunk, that's a hate crime. And, if you were wondering, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. In case you forgot how things work.

alright with that aside for now. you should really read this especially if you are really bored like i am. it is really quite interesting and pretty funny too. most of the time you wouldn't think of a conservative being some sort of activist or whatever they call them, but this is the case in this situation.


oh and if you don't read it this is the best part

One boy told me I had no right to express political views in school, to which I told him about Tinker vs. des Moines and how the Supreme Court said I did. His retort: "f*** the Supreme Court, I don't give a sh** what they say, I am the f***ing court around here!" He then demanded that I stop taking his picture.

that made me laugh. and regardless if you're a democrat, republican, or communist (well maybe i shouldn't include communist since they hate free speech) that is pretty funny. it sort of reminds me of james in a way. yes james, it reminds me of you.


i'm going to see the comrade moore film of lies sometime this week hopefully. however i am going into the film with an open mind, regardless of what my recent prior commment just above this may suggest.

hmm. this was a pretty long and pointless post.

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8:56 pm
i go to florida and it rains at night. so i do a survey.

Current music: my sister groaning about something
Current taste: that taste in your mouth after you've had a coke and haven't talked too much while drinking it
Current hair: puffed out and dumb looking, and i dont even care
Current clothes: khaki cargo shorts (as usual) and an element shirt
Current annoyance: caustic liberals, the fact that i am too lazy to get up and pee right now, and the weather
Current smell: the weirdly clean air around here
Current thing I ought to be doing: going to the freaking bathroom
Current windows open: come to my windoooowwww
Current desktop picture: i think just the default dell logo, since this is not my computer
Current book: "the client" john grisham. when i am on vacation, i read easy books
Current cds in stereo: a mix with all sorts of crazy rap music on it
Current crush: i'll never telllllll..well at least not on here
Current favorite celeb: tupac and lisa lopes have always been my favorite celebrities, even if they're both dead. oh, and bob marley of course. always bob marley.
Current hate: the fact that liberal-conservatives debates go nowhere, but hey they're still fun

=Do I=
Smoke? not often
Do drugs? no
Have sex? nope
Have a dream that keeps coming back? sort of, i won't get into explaining that complicated thing
Remember your first love? yeah
Still love him/her? ha haven't thought about her in years
Read the newspaper? of course
Have any gay or lesbian friends? oh yes one of my friends is gay and his last name is dicks. how cool is that?!
Believe in miracles? oh don't feed that bullshit to me
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? probably
Consider yourself tolerant of others? fundamentally, but you can catch me in a bad mood where i may seem intolerant
Consider love a mistake? love in general? no. though i have "loved" people that i consider a mistake to love now.
Have a favorite candy? sprees my dad has gotten me addicted to those goddamn things. oh and heath bars.
Believe in astrology? no
Believe in magic? no
Have any pets? i have a white dog that i will miss more in college than some people in family
Go to or plan to go to college: oh yes i'll be there in the fall
Have any tattoos? i want some, but i don't think i'll get any seeing i want to have a good job someday.
Hate yourself? i hate aspects of myself but i don't hate myself as a whole
Have an obsession? yeah i'm obsessed with have a good job, a nice family, and making a lot of money. i know it sounds selfish but it is true.
Have a secret crush? yessir
Have a best friend? i have 3 or 4 people i consider to be my closest friends
Wish on stars? i don't play that shit.
Care about looks? yeah, i am pretty shallow usually. which is bad i suppose but at least i am honest about it unlike some people

=Love life=
Single or attached? single
Ever been in love? i've thought so but no
Do you believe in love at first sight? no
Do you believe in "the one?": yeah pretty much
Describe your ideal significant other: 1. put up with my shit. 2. be able to understand my weird ass family. 3. not take advantage of me or my family. 4. at least have some sort of stance on political issues, it doesn't matter if they are liberal or a con though. 5. a lot of other stuff i am too lazy to type.

=Juicy stuff=
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing? uh..no
Have you ever been intoxicated? oh yes
Favorite place to be kissed? ?? is that really any of your business
Shy to make the first move? pshh nah as a guy it is my duty.

=First thing coming to mind..=
Rubber: condom
Rock: school of rock
Green: jeff...sorry honesty prevails
Wet: and wild
Cry: about gone song
Peanut: dry
Hay: hot
Cold: indiana
Steamy: sex
Fast: cars
Freaky: petey pablo
Rain: indiana
Bite: me
Suck: the washington wizards
Blow: job

Is punk rock dead?: who the hell knows and who the hell cares
Vampires- cool or uncool?: i think those vampire-type people can be pretty damn cool to an extent
Is the government going to hell?: oh don't give me that shitty liberal punk rock bullshit
Do you know what AFI stands for?: a fire inside! scenepointsxcore!!!
Wasn't the CareBear stare just the coolest thing when you were little?: what the hell is a carebear really besides some annoying trend from the 80's that hot topic punk rockers are bringing back. i don't give a shit about care bears or their creepy ass stares and you know what, you shouldn't either.
Summer or winter?: fall bitch
What is the best form of art?: there really isn't a "best" form of art
Are you allergic to poison ivy?: most people are and i am in the majority
Ever hang out with Mr. Peace Pipe?: probably
What year in school was the worst?: sixth by far i did so shitty they kicked me off the fucking basketball time for awhile because of my grades. or maybe that was seventh? the only grade i did well in in middle school was 8th because thats when i started caring about school.

# of friends on your b/l: who the hell knows
How many people have you kissed?: i don't know like 4 or 5 because i am ugly?
Have you lost touch with friends in the past few years?: really the only friends i have lost touch with ever were megan and joey. the whole megan thing was imposed by her boyfriend because he knows i can get her whenever i want and joey was just because we're both too lazy to cal each other.
# of people you talk to on the phone regularly: a few

Ever had sex?: nooooo
Oral?: yesssss
Does the word "wang" make you laugh?: yea

Would you ever go "down under?": does that mean the outback or something else?
Road trips are great, huh?: not when you're in the back of your parents jeep
Have you ever been on one?: yea
Have you ever gone out of the country?: yes
Would you ever live out of the country?: probably
Let's go to India together: would i have to buy you a seat on the airplane since you're just a survey

How about the drive-in?: the drive-in owns i love it
What was the last movie you watched?: there's something about mary and hoosiers, flipping between them
The cutest actress is: estella warren
What about actor?: no idea
Best band: i don't know
Ever been to a local show?: oh yes
If so, what band did you see?: a bunch of terrible hardcore bands that sounded the same
Best music genre: reggae
Do you like emo?: in small doses
Ever gone to the opera?: i sure have
So what did you think?: nothing wrong with it
What about a broadway play?: yes and ON BROADWAY IN NEW YORK at that. euro turner was there too.
What are you thinking?: i wish i was hanging out with a girl instead of my parents.

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4:03 pm

my grandparent's horse is racing at churchill downs right now. i wonder how it is doing? they haven't posted the results yet.

well look for yourself


go to results somewhere on the left side and look at race 8 and hope away to boston is on there somewhere.

current mood: excited

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Saturday, June 26th, 2004
11:50 am
i'm going on vacation again. be back in a week.


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Thursday, June 17th, 2004
11:40 pm
i'm off to orientation tommorow morning and most likely wont be on for a few days.

have fun without me


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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
11:57 am
hmm so i was sitting here last night bored because i didn't really feel like going out very much and james told me that jeff wanted to call me from his orientation at ball state so i said whatever tell him to go ahead it is only around 11:30.

so jeff called me and he was pissed off because he said that ball state was just like high school and everyone was getting in to their old "high school cliques" or whatnot. i felt pretty bad for jeff about this, and stuff. because he has always had trouble talking to people in some cases. well i think that all people have that problem in some situations really and jeff was probably just caught at a bad time.

i've heard that ball state is a lot like high school from some people, so i don't know.

well anyway i guess i shouldn't worry about the student atmosphere at ball state when i am going to george washington university.

i have my college orientation really soon, i am leaving on friday. after hearing the nightmare of jeff, i am kind of worried about it for some people. not really for me personally, because i've always done pretty well in these situations, but i know there will probably be kids that are somewhat socially inept. i've always been kind of a nazi about getting everyone involved, so it would upset me if there were a lot of "outcasts." oh well, i guess. i can only control myself.

anyway i am really anxious about getting to dc.

i am looking at my summer, and the rest of june and july won't be too bad, but august looks like it is going to suck. a lot of my younger friends have to start school in mid august. which is kind of funny but it will leave me bored. i really could go to school at the end of this month and be cool with it.

i got my report card a few days ago. 4.05 haha.

current mood: curious

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